Ms. Sunita Sen,
Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan,

Importance of Teacher Training and Devlopment in educating Students
“A rolling stone gathers no moss”- This is a very common proverb and it exactly applies to the importance of Teacher Training and Development in educating students. In our fast paced world of innovative technology getting developed almost everyday, teachers need to adapt to the changing time. Otherwise, speaking about twenty years of experience does not stand in good stead as what pertained to classroom situations fifteen years back, does not exactly apply in today’s time. The entire pedagogy of teaching-learning has undergone a complete change and no more is a child considered to be a born sinner who needs to be exposed to the correction home of education to reform himself. Jean Jacques Rousseau revolutionised the concept of education and made it completely child centric. Thus to understand the latent talents, qualities and disposition of children, teachers have to be able to mentor them, support them and guide them. One of the laws of E.L.Thorndike states that when a child is ready to learn and is made to learn, learning is most effective. It is the duty of the teacher to create that readiness in children through his personality, his knowledge, his ability to understand and empathise with the child and create a conducive learning environment. All this is possible if teachers continuously go through training and development to be aware of new methodologies and constant interaction with their counterparts so that teaching techniques can be exchanged, new understanding can be developed and the same can be proactively applied to the teaching learning situations to encourage, enthuse and enlighten the world of the students. After all, they are the potters to mould the clay of our future.

ASSET is a test which maps the aptitude and interest of an individual child and enables the students to understand their own selves better. They are then able to work on their grey areas and give themselves a projection depending on their positive traits. It gives an insight to the parents and teachers as well, to be able to comprehend their wards/students strengths and the weak areas so that better guidance can be given to them.

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