EI announces ASSET Ambassador of the year 2010-11

Name: Sapna Nayak
School: Sharada Mandir School, Miramar
City: Panaji

I still remember the day I was chosen as one of the ASSET Ambassadors of my school. I was thrilled but also confused as to what exactly I had to do. But as the journey moved on, every step was a new learning for me. It was filled with activity, excitement and interaction. It was a wonderful opportunity, one that I was very fortunate to have got.
My role as an ASSET Ambassador has helped me develop leadership skills and responsibilities and has given me a chance to make new friends. It was a great opportunity to interact with students of my age from schools all over India, get to know interesting happenings of their schools and exchange ideas. All this became possible because of the online site created for ASSET Ambassadors on ning. We also shared interesting facts and happenings from all over the world on various blogs and discussion groups.
In my opinion, being selected as an ASSET Ambassador of one’s school is an honour. But besides that, it also gives one the opportunity to engage oneself in various activities conducted on a monthly basis by ASSET team. One also gets a chance to lead the ASSET Week initiatives in one’s school.
The EI team coordinators were very supportive. Our ideas were always taken, appreciated and whenever possible implemented, from the very first activity of making a Video on “Learning through understanding” to creative writing to making an ad for one’s school.

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