It is that dreadful time of the year again! Our students will be getting their results anytime soon. Results day can not only be nerve racking but also exciting for both of us: the teachers and our students. So, it is worth preparing ourselves to handle this big day better.

As the day of the results approaches, we all look forward to seeing our students’ hard work pay off. We hope that there is plenty of success to celebrate, at the same time we know that we will find ourselves in a multitude of situations. It might be hard to suppress our urge to scream out with joy for those who passed with flying colours or cry for those who didn’t fare well in spite of their hard work. Here is a handy guide on what to do in preparation for, and during, the results day.

  • Be there for your students – With emotions running high, the main job of a teacher is to be the voice of calm. While it is ok to show a bit of our emotion in the form of a hug or a pep talk, too much of it can cause more harm than good. Let them talk and don’t interrupt. Be supportive but also be genuine; no false hopes please!


  • Talk the facts – Results day is indeed a big day for your students. We as teachers have seen it all before and know that results alone are not the sole deciding factor of a student’s future. It is the unknown which create more stress for students and their anxious families. Use your knowledge to bring situations under control and speak about the shortcomings of examination systems. Exams are fallible and results are not absolute judgments on the students. After all, learning is a life-long enriching process and one can work through the options with them.
  • Be poised – It is very likely that you will be experiencing mixed feelings as there will be tears, either of joy or sorrow. There are a lot factors which can affect students results. Do not blame yourself if your students’ do not fare well in the exams. Be confident since you have done your best to support your students both inside and outside the class.
  • Avoid parents when talking to students – Parents accompanying their children while the results are announced is more than a common occurrence. This makes the already stressful situation worse. It is better if students can see their results, talk to their friends and to you, before facing their parents. It does take a lot to have your parents look at your results over your shoulder.
  • Don’t compare – Comparing oneself to others has become an inevitable part of our lives. We are all bombarded with idealised images of a successful individual. While it seems natural to compare the performance of the different students in our class, let us not forget that they come from different social backgrounds and contexts. This inequality does affect the performance considerably. If you still need to compare, redirect this comparison to a past and a present performance of the student and keep the comparison within.




By Syeda Akbar – Educational Specialist
(Member of Test Development Team)

Syeda Akbar

Syeda Akbar

I am a post-graduate in Mathematics and currently a research scholar pursuing Ph.D. in Fluid mechanics from Christ University, Bangalore. I have been working with EI for the last one year as an Educational specialist in the Maths test development team. I'm an avid traveler and passionate about health, learning, supporting causes and making a difference.
Syeda Akbar