We asked India’s leading educators and academicians about the reforms in the education sector that they would recommend to the Modi government over the next 5 years. This is what had to say.

Recommendation from

Mr. Supriyo Guharoy, CEO

Presidency Group of Schools, Bangalore


I am offering a few suggestions, which I personally feel, is needed to ensure that the education sector in India is truly unshackled from bureaucratic tangles and that, we gear up to serve the major objective of supplying appropriately educated and skillful youth.

  • Allow companies, that operate for profit, to invest in schools, colleges, institutes and/or universities, provided that 33% of the profit earned, is invested in providing education to economically weaker sections of the society; such educational institutes should be audited and certified by independent Chartered Accountancy firms of national repute.
  • Any company, that operates for profit, setting up schools in rural or semi-urban areas with a population less than ten lakhs, should be given 100% tax exemption on the earnings. There should be no limit on the numbers of such schools that can be set up by any such company.
  • Modify the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, 2010 (Regulation of Entry and Operations) to allow 50% of profit repatriation by foreign educational institutions who are accredited by a global agency such as IAO, IEAC, IACBE, ACBSP, etc. This will attract high quality education to our country.
  • Exempt the educational institutions in the country from paying statutory duties and taxes on IT systems such as computer hardware, software and digital content.
  • Increase income tax exemption for individuals on Children Education Allowance from current level of Rs. 2,400 (for all tax brackets) to Rs. 20,000 (for earnings up to Rs. 10 lakhs p.a.) and Rs. 25,000 (for earnings up to Rs. 15 lakhs p.a.). If the earning is above, Rs. 15 lakhs, the exemption limit can be made nil.


Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

Founded by a group of IIMA alumni, with ample personal experience of educational institutions, Educational Initiatives (EI) is an effort to ensure every child learns with understanding.

Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.

EI has over 15 years of expertise in education, with a deep understanding of child psychology and efficient methods of teaching, based on detailed research and a formidable database of student learning through ASSET.

Our detailed research has proven that children today respond to rote-based questions relatively well, however, they fail to answer unfamiliar or application based questions due to unclear core concepts.
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