Speedy, let me know the name of your most loved educator, ever.

The person who impacted you the most: the person who had greatest effect: the person who drew out the best in you and made you think you could do anything you set your psyche to. Made you feel exceptional.

It could have been Mrs Brown who taught you Art and drew out the craftsman in you. Maybe it was Mr Peters who demonstrated to you what an incredible competitor you are. On the other hand maybe the secondary teacher who persuaded you to reconsider your hatred for Mathematics in the event that you may need to seek after the field of construction modeling.

You do recall that them, correct? The vast majority do. Individuals regularly recognize their instructors at their graduation functions, and when they get into the calling they had always wanted. They talk about them affectionately when they have their own children, particularly when they begin school.

What makes these extraordinary educators so not the same as the greater part of teachers out there? Read more

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Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

Founded by a group of IIMA alumni, with ample personal experience of educational institutions, Educational Initiatives (EI) is an effort to ensure every child learns with understanding.

Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.

EI has over 15 years of expertise in education, with a deep understanding of child psychology and efficient methods of teaching, based on detailed research and a formidable database of student learning through ASSET.

Our detailed research has proven that children today respond to rote-based questions relatively well, however, they fail to answer unfamiliar or application based questions due to unclear core concepts.
Educational Initiatives