Social Studies or Science is learning about the dynamics of human societies. There are problems, issues and success stories. One important aspect related to human society is how they manage and respond to their surrounding including heritage sites.

As a part of the heritage revival project at the heritage site of Viramgam in Gujarat, students of 8th standard of Rachana School in Ahmedabad recently got an exposure to these problems and issues. For many it was first time.



Students visited Munser Talav, a historic water body created in the 12th century AD by Queen Minaldevi of Gujarat. It was created with an objective to meet the water need people in the semi-arid region. However, the heritage site is not kept clean. People use it as the place for open defecation. They bathe their buffalos and the area is full of garbage and filthy.



The local communities living around it are underprivileged and are at the bottom of Indian caste ridden society. They do not have any awareness about its importance.

Students in groups visited the site and were sensitized. They interacted with villagers about their problems and why they keep the heritage site dirty. It was indeed an experiential learning in civics and heritage education.


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By Jitu Mishra: Educational Specialist
(Member of Test Development Team)

Jitu Mishra

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