Civics and History are two major subjects in school education. However, learning of these subjects is mostly restricted to classroom settings. As a part of heritage revival project at Viramgam, recently we had carried out an experiment at the heritage site. Some 40 odd students of class 8 at Rachana School, Ahmedabad, had attended the programme. They were assisted by 6 Social Studies teachers and two art teachers.




These students are part of a larger group of 100 students working intensely on a two year problem oriented topic – how to revive the 800 years old lake through community participation. This was their second visit to the heritage site. In this visit the focus was on socioeconomic survey of local communities living around the lake.

Most of the families are under-privileged and have poor educational backgrounds. Students in groups interviewed some 60 households enquiring about their living standards, facilities, educational standard, earning, skills, occupations and their association with the heritage site.

The link here gives idea at what depth each family was interviewed.

This kind of enquiry is usually carried out at post-graduation level. This was something very first time we have experimented at school level in Gujarat. Students created a bond with the family members and were moved by their ignorance on hygiene and poverty. This link gives some idea on their feeling after they finished the interview.



The work was also highlighted in the media. Here is the link.


By Jitu Mishra: Educational Specialist
(Member of Test Development Team)

Jitu Mishra

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