We learn a lot in the classrooms from our teachers and textbooks. We do learn the formulas and concepts. I keep wondering how much of those very fundamental and important concepts in Maths or science do we remember now! For me, the answer is hardly any!

Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with two students going abroad for grad school and they told me that in the discussions with interviewers, they were asked how many products they have made and actually broken stuff down to see what’s there inside? To their astonishment, these students had not done any of that.

Reflecting back on my school time and what I remember is only what I had put to practical use and tried hands-on!

Practical connection to concepts can really make a difference and make subjects like Maths and Science very interesting and go a long way in getting students interested in exploring them rather than treating them as just other subject to be passed in an examination.

For words, we had an interesting practice where we would connect the words to a real life picture story and when the word would come up, the story will help us recall the meaning of the word!

For example:


We should encourage the students to race their imagination wild and make new stuff, break the existing one and understand! The ad by parle-G  ‘Roko Mat Toko Mat’ defines the point beautifully!

Here is the link to view the ad:,parle-g-takes-the-movement-route-to-create-kal-ke-genius.aspx


By Devika Mittal – Educational Specialist

(Member of Large Scale Assessment Team)

Devika Mittal

Devika Mittal

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