Final two teams, battling it out on the last question of the last round,

And BAM!!!

The winners were chosen!!

Excitement and positivity filled the room and in that very moment we saw dreams coming true!!!

Dreams of Yuvraj and Ravi (Team Chandigarh) to visit NASA for the first time!

This was the picture-perfect finish that the team hoped for and the smiles and satisfaction on the students’ faces marked the ending of the first-of-kind project of EI’s Large Scale Educational Program (LSEP).

Three months ago, LSEP partnered with MERCK as an educational partner to mark the beginning of a national platform called, ‘Seven Seas Academy’.

With an objective of identifying India’s young masterminds, an extensive ‘3 step’ selection process was executed across 10 metro cities targeting students of class- 5th– 7th (Ages-10 to 12).

With preliminaries happening at school and state level, a live quiz was planned at the National level to culminate the search of young and like-minded individuals.

What made this project different was the definition of ‘mastermind’ that LSEP tried to showcase through a holistic approach taken by the team while designing the assessments for various levels.

Starting from the research to develop the format to ensuring standardized testing environment during pilot in schools and incorporating comments from field experts; a well thought out bottom to top approach of assessments i.e. short listing procedure, was incorporated.

From testing the basics of subjects through pen and paper method to assessing their soft skills and general awareness through a live quiz, formulation of questions was done keeping in mind the diversity of the group and the various strands of cognitive understanding, thus bringing out true masterminds.

Students were tested on two basic strands on the first and the second level-

  1. Mental and logical abilities
  2. Diverse subject understanding

As for the final level, a live quiz, students were tested on strand-3 through different rounds and question types. Applying their knowledge to answer questions put forward in the form of open-ended questions, videos and audios in front of a large crowd tested students in situations contrary to that of pen and paper tests of level-1 and 2.

And when the scores of the teams till level-2 were compared to that of the level-3 a huge shift in the order of the teams from top to bottom was observed, thus highlighting the importance of access and exposure along with the academic competencies in such format of testing with add-on of role of confidence, perseverance and grit by students in different testing situations.

Hence, definitely for LSEP a huge learning opportunity to apply themselves outside their usual area of work and observe such findings thus, adding a pinch of diversity to our portfolio.


By Ritika Shukla – Educational Specialist

Ritika Shukla

Ritika Shukla

Ritika Shukla, an Educational Specialist in Large Scale assessments at Educational Initiatives, is a Teach For India 2014 alum who after working with low income communities of Ahmedabad by teaching 2nd and 3rd graders, mobilized change in the community strongly believes education is the only way to harness true potential of our country and by working with EI she hopes to achieve the same. She is born and brought up in Udaipur, a small city in Rajasthan and completed her engineering in Chemical from SRM University, Chennai. Apart from her work in field of education,she is a classically trained singer, a sports fan and a movie enthusiast.
Ritika Shukla

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