If current trends are to be believed, India will be half a century late in realising its education commitments. India needs ground-level changes in the system itself, if it aims to meet the 2030 sustainable development goals, suggested a UNESCO report.

UNESCO’s new GEM reports mentions that based on current trends universal primary education in the south-east aisa will be achieved only in 2051, lower secondary only in 2062, and upper secondary only in 2087.

India is would be able to achieve universal primary education in 2050, lower secondary education in 2060 and upper secondary education in 2085, suggested the report. Read more…



Reference article: http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2016/09/06/india-will-be-late-by-50-years-in-achieving-education-goals-une_a_21466011/?utm_hp_ref=in-india-education


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