In Rajasthan, over 60 children wait for their recess. The school which has just three teachers, has two of them absent today. First is “not well” and the second, who happens to be the head teacher, left early for she had “work to do”. None of the children are learning much. Sophisticated Poetry textbooks are kept before students who are unable to read simple English sentences.

The scenario is a little different upstairs. Rekha Gurjar, from Pratham, asks children to come to the blackboard and read a line of text. She asks questions, and hands shoot up. Just by changing the school syllabus to a level at which students are comfortable, Pratham’s high-intensity “learning camps” has helped teach basic language and maths to several students in 40 days. “You have to start where children are,” added Rishi Rajvanshi, head of Pratham’s office in Rajasthan, “not where you wish they were.” Read more…



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Founded by a group of IIMA alumni, with ample personal experience of educational institutions, Educational Initiatives (EI) is an effort to ensure every child learns with understanding. Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding. EI has over 15 years of expertise in education, with a deep understanding of child psychology and efficient methods of teaching, based on detailed research and a formidable database of student learning through ASSET. Our detailed research has proven that children today respond to rote-based questions relatively well, however, they fail to answer unfamiliar or application based questions due to unclear core concepts.