These days, technology is one of those things that can catch children’s attention. It does make sense to make the most out of technology by teaching in the most innovative ways. True, that most students hate math. But, you need to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a boring subject, but boring teachers – plenty of them.

There are plenty of ways on how to make math subject interesting. With the use of your creativity and tools to help you with, it is certain that math subject will never be the same. Here are some of the best online tools that you can use for free allowing you to create math fun activities.


For a math teacher, this tool is a lifesaver. In case you never heard of it, you are probably one of a few who lives under the rock. In your case, this is the time to upgrade your math teaching level, and at the same time, it gives you the comfort to teach higher math classes such as trigonometry and calculus.

This is an online graphics calculator tool that can almost solve and do anything prior to mathematics. In fact, the Desmos Team brings algorithm to the next level of solving trigonometry and calculus problems. Moreover, you can find the best and comprehensive library for teaching students.


Is a ground-breaking teaching tool that fits the millennials and generation zs. This is a mobile app allowing teachers to share the lessons interactive to their students. The app has a multimedia presentation that avoids boredom to anyone and everyone who wants to learn the subject. It is specially designed for 1 to 1 class that includes fancy teaching presentation such as polls, questions, and other plenty of activities which is indeed conducive to learning.

If you are an aspiring math author, the platform is now looking for someone like you to team up with them. You can still do the things you loved to do when it comes to teaching while creating interactive math lessons and sell them to the cyber community.



Canva is your best option when you want to create cool design and presentation for your lesson. It is for the purpose of making the lesson of the day pretty much interesting with a lot of elements anyone would enjoy. The online tool is free to use that allows you to create and design.

This can take the math subject to the next level by presenting the lesson in the most spectacular ways. All you need to do is to select the  Canva’s lesson plans and have fun using the tool  You don’t need to be a graphic designer yourself when using this tool, as long as you know how to use the mouse, keyboard, and a few ideas and creativity, you’ll see how your students changed their perspective on the subject.


Formative is an online tool that basically helps teachers to gather data and information. A perfect tool to keep your lesson plans, records, and other activities for a year to year basis. It allows you to monitor their progress in real time and you can interact with them by giving them feedback about their performances.

Google Apps


Ideally, google apps are intended for business platforms, yet, teaching is another field of business, and therefore, these apps can help you to manage all the things you need when it comes to your teaching career. You can use Google Spreadsheet for records, Google Docs for Planning, Google Slides for presentation and many more. Also, you can easily share your files with others particularly during the grading period.


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