Mindspark 2.0 is out, and it has everything you asked for! From a refreshing new interface to organised reports for teachers, it makes learning easier than before.

This new version of Mindspark has feedback from teachers and students integrated to enhance the learning experience. While the new version will look different, the user experience has been made more intuitive and engaging.

The new Mindspark is more concise and focused. It enriches the user experience with more personalisation and new practice goals. And, with all the insights from the data about topics, students’ usage and performance, it enables teachers to take timely action as needed.

From our experience of piloting this version with some schools, we believe that students and teachers will like and find this version easy to use.


A Refreshing New Interface

The re-imagined Mindspark interface is crafted to ensure better engagement. A polished, clean interface to allow students to focus on the most important thing, i.e. learning. The user and rewards profile on the home page aims at imparting a sense of personalisation and accomplishment.


 Make Learning Stick

The timing and the content of practice are personalised based on the learning history of the student. This ensures the learning is always updated and improve retention of what was learnt.


 Regular practice leads to Mastery

In learning, regularity is an important habit to develop. Weekly targets help students to work towards a small but meaningful goal on a regular basis to develop the habit of doing Math.


 Building a Growth Mindset

“Students tend to have more of a fixed view of maths skills than of other intellectual skills” – Carol Dweck
Mindspark help students develop a growth mindset in maths. Showing a student’s working out is not an indication of lack of intelligence. Instead, Mindspark helps them see that it increases the chances of getting the answer correct.


 Organized Reports for Teachers

Reports re-thought from Teachers’ standpoint. Insights from data related to topics, students’ usage and performance to enable the teacher to take timely action.



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Devarshi Pandya

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