Amidst the hustle bustle of the city, around hundreds of students came together under one roof to engage, explore and experience the best of themselves.
Spread across the 650 acres, Manipal University hosted India’s only summer programme held for Gifted Students from across the country. The programme had instructors from the USA and across India, with resident coaches and students travelling hundreds of miles to be part of this self-discovery journey!
And when we all came together, you could see the diverse culture that came with all of us. People with different languages, different dialects, different schools all woven in a thread called ASSET Summer programme.
In the land of diversity, we “ASP-ians” had created our own small world. For the next 21 days, we were all going to be together, sharing our culture, our values, our knowledge to learn something we otherwise would never have.
After all, it was fascinating to meet peers from different states and cities, learn about their schools, their cities and their lives! It’s fascinating. utterly!
As students met each other, you could see them bonding, challenging and debating! They had so much to talk about, and the like-minded groups were being formed instantly.
The rest of the day passed by and as the sun started fading, it was time for parents to leave. The smiling faces bid them goodbye, with a promise to make most of the 11 courses, 21 days and 110 hours of learning that awaited them!
In the next post, we shall bring you the story of 11 students and 11 courses, their learning outcomes and key takeaways from this enriching Gifted Programme.
Devarshi Pandya

Devarshi Pandya

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Devarshi Pandya