Teacher’s day is a beautiful occasion where most of us reach out to our teachers and thank them for helping us on our learning journey. Teachers leave a lifelong impact on every individual’s life because what is learnt and how can we learn in school not only moulds our character but also shapes how we face life years after schooling years.

Therefore, this Teachers’ Day we reached out to our teaching community and asked them how can we, as edtech companies and society at large, help them create a space where every child is learning with understanding.

From “Provide us with Actionable intelligence” to teach students better, to let our student “create and learn new knowledge than study for exams” to “Don’t be bothered with only their grades or their homework.” to “Give us space to use all the techniques  teachers talked about traditional learning methods to techniques they use in making our children future ready!

We asked teachers about what techniques they use to ensure children are learning with understanding and we were pleasantly surprised  

A majority of teachers still, trust in non-technology based teaching techniques such as activity-based learning (36.8 percent) and discussions and role-play

However, teachers do like to innovate with their teaching styles by using STEM, games, learning apps and other blended learning technologies. It’s amazing to see that our teachers are putting their best foot forward to ensure every child learns in their class

“Over 48% of teachers are not certain these techniques are helping them combat rote-learning”

So, how do we help our teachers fight rote-learning? What needs to be reflected upon from a social viewpoint? 

Teachers poured their heart out and told us what they how can we as a society or and EdTech firm empower them in creating space where every child is learning with understanding. 

” Putting faith on each other, that what is being done is correct, is important. Continuous training of educators is also crucial. Balance in different life skills is needed..-Romana, JPS Noida

Changing the mindset of society to allow the students to create new knowledge rather than just expect them to learn for exams now and later. Having greater faith in the learning abilities of students and giving them ownership of their learning”-  Nita Arora, Sri Venkateshwar International School

“Give us space to use all the techniques and equal syllabus all over the world will help us give the connectivity”– Bijal, Ananda Global school”

Don’t be bothered with only their grades or their homework. Parents give them some of your precious time to explain or demonstrate to you what they learned in school that day.. Make them independent learners. Let them experiment and learn things by themselves instead of always showing them how something’s done”- Salome Singh, GEMS Founder School


Educational organisations need to stand united with a vision to encourage skills over talent, learning endeavour over perfection, and efforts over grades. Only then shall the society churn out creativity and innovation in young minds and the educational fraternity will teach and learn a new language…. one of understanding, analysing, reasoning and questioning. Soumita Chatterjee, Sunbeam School 


    Have faith in the institution and the teachers. Let schools and Teachers work freely as it use to be in ancient times. Guru and shishya parampara which was followed earlier is now missing from the system. Parents and students along with the Teachers can do wonders together when they work in the environment which is conducive and healthy. Teachers have to be trusted and not made answerable for all their actions as no teacher would ever do any injustice to the students.  and they always wish well of their students”– Sona Singh, BGS INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL

By supporting & participating in the educational journey of the children. Teachers should be given the due respect they deserve for investing so much time and effort in delivering the required understanding to the children and should be paid better.- Sandya Chowdhary
We can totally relate to the teacher’s needs and it’s our constant endeavour to support them in day to day class activities.
We have been with this fraternity for  18 years now! We have empowered teachers with solutions like Detailed Assessment and ASSET  which help teachers gauge the learning and understanding levels of the students. We support them with “Actionable Data”. Infact, the reports generated are such details that the teacher not only learns what students have not understood but also the misconception they have gained during the learning process.
On this teachers day. we thank our educators for their constant support and faith they have kept in us!


Devarshi Pandya

Devarshi Pandya

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