Not exactly on the last bench. Back benches are for naughty ones.

I am talking about a couple of benches before the last bench.

Not exactly the centre, but towards the sides

That was my favourite spot during the math class.

I call it the invisible seat. Because every time I raised my hand to ask a doubt or wanted to answer when the teacher threw a question at us, No one would notice me.  So for the most part of my math class, I would spend doodling.

I am not a bad student.

I just needed more attention.

I don’t blame Ms.Green for it. In a classroom of 40, and half an hour in hand in a day, She did everything she could to ensure the lesson was taught and most of the students understood or answered her questions right.

I, however, wasn’t part of “the most”.

Students can’t receive personalized instruction and personalized learning when a teacher has to teach to the most common denominator.” Peter S. Goodman – U.S. economics journalist and author.

This is the sad reality of our education system. According to a recent study, in India, over 50% of students in Grade 5 cannot read at the second-grade level, despite primary school enrollment rates over 95% (Pratham, 2017). The world’s largest democracy is failing its pupils and is unable to offer the much needed Basic Quality Education.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, the pupil to teacher ratio should be 30:1 and 35:1 for primary and upper primary classes respectively. According to the District Information System for Education report (DISE), almost 30 per cent primary schools and 15 per cent upper primary schools have a higher pupil to teacher ratio than the stipulated figure.

From where I stand, I see two major challenges: lack of resources and heterogeneous classroom. The heterogeneous classroom makes it difficult for the educators to craft the content that could be absorbed by all the students. Each child has its own pace of learning. Hence he grasps content in different styles and speeds. Yet the education system imposes students to understand the material with a strict schedule, and teachers limited to using only standard styles of teaching due to lack of time, and learning happens unevenly in the class.

The present innovation-driven world, teachers, may never again be the sole guardians of information in the classroom. The acquaintance of one-with one activity, online classrooms, mixed learning models, and the general ascent of innovation in classrooms empowers teachers to engage students better while enables pupils to have much more access to steady data than past ages.

Teachers are still very sceptical about using new technologies as most of them fail to show quantifiable impact and others have seemed to create more distraction driving their attention away from learning.

Is Mindspark the Answer?   

Mindspark has been proven effective by J-Pal, researchers at MIT, Harvard, and Standford.

Mindspark is the tool that ensures a quality learning-teaching environment. It is a bold move toward personalized learning. It enables students to learn at her own pace and remains ignorant to students current grade, thereby allowing her to prioritize her fundamentals before moving on to the next topic.

Mindspark contains a series of tests designed to help teachers determine the actual level of learning and keep track of student’s progress from time-to-time. The framed tests constantly assess, group and reassess the student to offer more personalized content based on individual capabilities. While attempting the questions, if the answers are incorrect there is instant feedback given to make them aware of where they exactly go wrong.

It has worked globally, and across the countries in strengthening the basics of primary education. The end-to-end adaptive solutions address all the needs of the Education, including devices and products designed for Internet-of-Things, Coding and Gamification, and education-centred software solutions.

Learn more about Mindspark here

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