ASSET Question-A-Day used innovatively in schools

Teaching kids how to think critically becomes an integral part of teaching,no matter what subject you teach. One way of doing this can be through Questioning. Questioning is at the heart of critical thinking. The best way to leverage your students’critical-thinking skills in the classroom and beyond can be through ASSET Question-A-Day (AQAD). AQAD are thought provoking questions designed by a team of subject experts. The questions inspire students to think beyond their imagination.

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To know whether your students are learning to think critically,you need a window into their thought processes. So challenge them with thought provoking questions everyday.

From 2009,we have been sending ASSET Question-A-Day through mails to schools and students everyday. These questions have been appreciated and used by Schools in various innovative ways to help students. We will be sharing how AQAD is used in differently from one school every fortnightly.

In our school,we have interactive boards or MODTs in every class which are connected through server. Every class has a student computer in-charge. Every [...]