The strength of a tree lies not in its branches or leaves or its trunk, but in its roots. Likewise, a child does not gain his or her strength and purpose from the environment or peers or observed behaviour, but from his or her parents. Parents are, undoubtedly, the first and perhaps the most important teachers for children. It is the responsibility of the parent to create a base for his or her child – to strengthen the foundations upon which the child will build his or her future and will make his or her choices. Thus it is the parents who impart the first tenets of education to children long before they begin to go to school.




A child, especially in the first years of his or her life as an infant and a toddler, displays an incredible curiosity for the world around them. They begin to touch and feel unknown objects. They begin sorting, stacking and arranging objects in groups. They begin to show an intuitive understanding of spatial perspective. Their minds, which are not corrupted by the world as yet, displays an incredible affinity for natural philosophy. This is so visible in their interaction with peer group or siblings. In fact, of all the places, a kitchen is the best to inculcate mathematical and scientific thinking in children.

Parents also play a very important role in bridging the gaps in school learning. Major reinforcement of lessons learnt at school happen at home under their guidance. Quite a few schools have begun holding Parent Workshops to empower them for giving the right help at home. Ranging from helping in daily homework to completing projects, parents can play a major role in taking their children out to museums, learning centres, important historical places etc.

With the advent of the Internet and increase in the use of technology  in schools, parents can help their children in ​many ​useful ways. Mindspark understands the importance of the role played by the parents and hence has created a portal called ‘Parent Connect’ where parents can login to see their children’s growth, gaps in their learning and know their misconceptions.



Parent Connect was launched recently in Mindspark. The Parent Connect offers a platform for parents to understand the way children learn mathematics through Mindspark. The Parent gets to see which concept the children are proficient in and where they would need attention.


Parent Connect Signup:


By Ranjani Mitra – Snr Educational Specialist
(Member of Mindspark Development Team)

Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

Teaching experience of 22 years and working as a Senior Education Specialist with the Mindspark Development team. I love music, reading books and watching movies. I practice Transcendental Mediation and
Reiki for spiritual growth.
Ranjani Mitra