Parents are one of the most important pillars supporting a child’s education. Mindspark recognises this and has come up with “Parent Connect”, which helps them to stay abreast of their child’s progress in Mathematical learning. They no longer need wait for the Parent-teacher meeting or the report card to know about their child’s performance in school.

A child has to be continuously motivated, stimulated, engaged and interested in Maths, especially at the primary and middle school level. This helps him/her to adopt a positive attitude towards the subject and move ahead successfully in grasping the higher level concepts. The Parents of a child have an important role to play here. They can give quality ‘one to one attention’ to their child and keep a track of various aspects like the topics attempted and areas which they need help in, their performance as compared to the class, work done from home and in school, activities and questions attempted by them. ​

Often in the world of education, a teacher tries her best to ensure that the concept​ has been imparted successfully to the child​ with a deeper and enduring understanding.​However,when faced with questions testing various skills like conceptual understanding, logical thinking, problem solving and real life application​ their misconceptions are revealed. ​

​Let us take an example. ​One of the most common errors children make at the primary level Maths learning is in addition of improper fractions. In the question given below, 21% of students out of 5492 students selected option B as the correct answer. They simply added the denominators and the numerators –  1/10 + 1/6  =2/16







However, sometimes it may be quite difficult for parents to identify the areas where the child needs more proficiency​.​The Mindspark’s Parent Connect can offer the appropriate ​guidance.

The feature shown in the image below clearly gives the area where the child may need more help along with other important piece of information.



Parents can also see the performance of their child vis a vis the whole c​lass, ​on the Parent Connect.




The Parent Connect also gives the parents an idea of the work done throughout the week, the time given by the child at home and in school in solving Maths questions on Mindspark.




​The guidance given to students at the right time goes a long way to give everlasting joy of learning. The parents who are there to hold their child’s hand when the need is highest, are to be held in high regard. They understand that they must take the responsibility of their child’s education and guide them appropriately.



By Ranjani Mitra – Snr Educational Specialist
(Member of Mindspark Development Team)







Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

Teaching experience of 22 years and working as a Senior Education Specialist with the Mindspark Development team. I love music, reading books and watching movies. I practice Transcendental Mediation and
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Ranjani Mitra