Summative Assessments are challenging for students, parents as well as teachers. We have an important role to play in making this time more comfortable and useful for our students.

I am sure we don’t want our students to feel like this while preparing for their Maths exams.



What we CAN do

  1. Never take up a complicated topic to teach with the exam dates round the corner.
  2. Help the students to revise using most effective ways like quizzes, inter-group discussions in the class, students making worksheets for each other and rewarding the BEST question made by a student.
  3. Giving quick verbal mental maths tests in the class to improve their speed and accuracy.
  4. Make a list of all the most likely misconception questions in all the topics and ensure that they are removed.

What we SHOULD not do –

1. Do NOT make an assessment paper which is imbalanced in terms of easy, medium and difficult
levels of questions. I am reminded of something I had seen earlier, sharing here –


2. Avoid any action or words spoken which will add to the exam anxiety of the students.

I would also like to share this useful link with all –

By Ranjani Mitra – Snr Educational Specialist
(Member of Mindspark Development Team)

Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

Teaching experience of 22 years and working as a Senior Education Specialist with the Mindspark Development team. I love music, reading books and watching movies. I practice Transcendental Mediation and
Reiki for spiritual growth.
Ranjani Mitra