There are many myths surrounding the Fibonacci series. For one, the name of the person who introduced this series to the Western world is taken to be Leonardo Fibonacci, except that was not his name – he was actually Leonardo of Pisa. He called himself the son of Bonacci (filius Bonacci) – it may even be a clan name. However, because a historian, Guillaume Libri called him that in 1838, it was almost after 500 years that he came to be called Fibonacci. So much for the historically conscious West.

blog-post-imgIn those days, Pisa had rich trade with North African ports. There was a Pisan colony in Bugia in North Africa. And it is said that Leonardo’s father was a customs official there and hence Leonardo could see the trade transactions and the way the Arab and African traders kept their account books. They employed essentially a better and more efficient system. They used the Hindu numerals.

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