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Message from our valued readers – Yathish, Working in the Education Sector

Hi I’m Yathish, I’m working in the education sector. Roughly about an year ago I was fortunate enough to have been referred to the EI blog through an acquaintance of mine. Ever since it has been delightful to find an interesting EI blog article every morning in my feed. The breadth of the subject covered in these blog articles is quite unique and expansive. In fact, some of the blog articles grip me and usually they spin off lengthy conversations with many of my friends who are also working in the education sector. I look forward to reading these articles every morning with latest updates from the state of art technology and what is happening in the education sphere. Not just in India but sometimes even reaching to the global level.


Message from our valued readers – Devika, Student/Volunteer

Hi, I am Devika, currently volunteering to help primary school kids learn. I keep referring to educational material online and found EI’s blog which is one of the top 10 educational blogs in the country! It has kept me hooked since them with the wide ranging topics covered including write ups on misconceptions students have, best practices to learn a topic, motivational ones to keep up the spirit of the students. All in all, very relevant material to take to the classrooms. I would recommend that all of us explore it just as I crave for more and more blogs from EI! Thanks to EI and may they keep up the brilliant work.



Message from our valued readers – Dev, Blogger/Educationist


Thank you


Hemang Mehta

Hemang Mehta

A graphic designer by profession and photographer by passion. Nothing escapes my eagle vision. Turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary keeps my fire ignited. With a knack for perfection, I enjoy travelling far and wide to blend different art mediums for creating my signature masterpieces. I have the privilege of working with industry stalwarts both in India and overseas; I owe a lot of my talent to industrious projects such as in short film-making and retail branding in Australia, graphic design and 3D animation in ISRO, to name just a few. I strongly believe that a well-communicated design is a must-need for the rapidly growing education sector. This, my current endeavour keeps me occupied and inspired, pushing my personal boundaries.
Hemang Mehta