This is the time of the year when teachers will analyse the previous year’s syllabus plan and the lesson plans to prepare for the next year. The ultimate goal is to ensure that ‘learning happens’ for every student and each of them feel successful.

One of the important questions I had when I prepared my lesson plans was, ‘how can I go beyond the learning objectives stated for every Maths concept the students learnt’. Knowing the WHY of a learning objective will help them to learn with active engagement. The moment a student sees the real life connection of a learning, it becomes a more relevant and satisfying journey for him/her.

I would like to explain this with an example, let us look at the standard Learning objectives of a topic in Maths.


For the topic Statistical Diagrams, one of the learning objectives is “construct and interpret data from dot diagrams, stem-and-leaf diagrams and histograms’. If we see the larger picture we realise that this objective is incomplete till the students have not understood the contribution of the skill of data representation and interpretation to solve problems, take decisions and create products/ideas.

I would like to share with all a lesson plan which was built around the idea of handling of an admin task by the students of Grade 7.


  1. Decide what the students need to know – grade wise/age wise learning standards (curriculum)
  2. Why
  3. Break up the ‘why’
  4. How will they learn (the activity to be planned)
  5. Action and Time plan

6. Assessment of the learning

Read more by downloading the attached PPT.



By Ranjani Mitra – Snr Educational Specialist

(Member of Mindspark Development Team)


Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

Teaching experience of 22 years and working as a Senior Education Specialist with the Mindspark Development team. I love music, reading books and watching movies. I practice Transcendental Mediation and
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Ranjani Mitra