The age of technology and cell phones was an age into which I was born, without any knowledge of how people lived before. Considering how “nouvelle” the technology must have been in the initial years, how slowly it worked, makes me aware of how difficult it must have been for children to study with a pencil and a piece of paper before that. Even then, the metropolitan cities had the first generation models of computers and so they were already evolving along with the techno-world. However, the rich, metropolitan cities did not house all the population in the world and the remaining cities and towns that the long grasp of technology did not reach were still shrouded in the system of simple, chalk and board, books, notebooks etc.

Most schools today still have their students writing down the definitions to words and the theories that the teachers come up with in their notebooks after which they must write the answers to the questions given in the textbooks, not before copying the questions as well. Following that, they are given homework which includes copying and rewriting all the terms and definitions that they have already once written in their school notebooks. After all this, if their right/left hand is still functioning, then maybe they can manage to pick up their spoon to eat dinner.

Considering that there were limited mediums and forms of learning back then, this process worked well, not including the physical pain students went through. However, in this day and age, when there are other options besides over exerting the phalanges of the students, the teachers are encouraged to review them. With the arrival of smart-phones into our world, recording and noting things down have become easier than having to carry a small notebook and pen around with you everywhere. Especially in the context of schooling and knowledge building.

At present the University of Alliance Franҫais encourages their students to look up words and references on their phones and to also use it for presentations. There are some staunch believers of the old school method in AF as well, but they are out ruled by the new teaching methods of creating “Whatsapp” groups in which we students are encouraged to post our long articles and class work, especially in the higher grades of studying French since there is more of writing work in them. This system works out well since our teachers offer our homework to us on text and we can deliver on text as well. This means that there need not be an actual hard copy of our work but if you’re worried about saving, then you don’t have to be since our Clouds ended up being helpful with more than just the weather.


All in all, technology has done quite a lot for our generation. Personally I can vouch for all the training I obtained in Mathematics by spending 8 years doing Mindspark on a regular basis which was also interesting for me since learning Maths on the internet was a new idea and very thrilling. And due to all these forms of technological models to aid me through the learning period in my life, I find it more interesting to study than I know I would have found it if I would have resorted to killing trees.


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By Anwesha Mitra – Student

Anwesha Mitra

Anwesha Mitra

I'm 15 and I love writing in my free time (which makes me sound intriguingly busy). Mostly I work on my future in music and composition since I realized a long time ago that Do Re Mi is also 1, 2 and 3 I enjoy reading as long as I don't look at Shel Silverstein's face and I am a huge fan of doing everything online. Go figure 🙂
Anwesha Mitra