A teacher’s profession requires 200% involvement at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Anybody who has spent a few years in the profession will completely understand what I am referring to. The amount of energy which goes into that one academic year in ensuring a holistic growth for the set of children one has to address to can be quite mind-boggling. A very intricate and meeting-instant-needs skill of multi-tasking has to be developed leaving the teachers panting for breath and balance.
At the end of the academic year all teachers end up feeling exhausted, drained, stressed and also sad to let go of a batch of students. The summer break is a wonderful time to sit back, relax and get rejuvenated for the next academic year.
A few good ideas which helped me to prevent such a burnout and prepare for the next term with renewed energy and enthusiasm are :-

1. Set realistic goals for yourself and your students, all will not learn as per your expectations.
2. Reach school early to set everything as per your plan.
3. Remember to smile a lot, have fun with the students and bring humour in your classroom as well as the staff room.
4. Adopt hobbies like music, painting, reading, dancing, gardening etc.
5. Adapt to the frequent changes happening in the school, they are inevitable, go along with them. Flow with the       current, that gives you space and time to manage it better.
6. Practice Meditation techniques for better mental health. It also helps you to be more in the moment which will allow proactive thinking and better control of difficult situations.
7. Take care of your physical health, exercise and have healthy food.
8. Research all the time, learn new things. Setting examples to the students is the best way to motivate.
9. Be organised and plan well.
10. Enhance your work place continuously with re-decoration and new ideas.


By Ranjani Mitra – Educational Specialist

Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

Teaching experience of 22 years and working as a Senior Education Specialist with the Mindspark Development team. I love music, reading books and watching movies. I practice Transcendental Mediation and
Reiki for spiritual growth.
Ranjani Mitra