There are several organizations receiving grants from National/International donors to improve educational level of students in government schools. These organizations are working in the field of formal and non-formal education and claim improvement in quality of education in their intervention schools. Donor organizations have their own system of assessment to see the student’s growth in intervention organization’s schools. Basically there are two assessments to assess the growth of students – 1) Baseline Assessment and 2) End Line Assessment. Baseline Student Assessment is done before starting the interventional programs to map current educational level of students and End Line Assessment to see the growth from their results on the baseline, once intervention is complete.

Educational Initiatives is one of the largest and most eminent organizations in Asia that conducts Large Scale Student Assessments in government schools. Educational Initiatives is also doing Baseline and End Line assessments for intervention organizations working with schools. While conducting Baseline and Endline assessments, test conduction process is managed by the intervention organization only. Educational Initiatives develops tools for these assessments and is providing training to ground workforce of the organization – how to conduct the assessment in whole. Apart from that, EI also does independent Field Audit of the schools when Baseline and End Line assessments are happening.



In my view, field audits by a third party organization are a must to assess interventions. Student Assessments help the implementing organizations to understand the real growth of a student’s educational level. Also, field audit by a third party organization make them understand ground realities of the assessment process like quality of evaluators, execution gaps, copying and cheating cases and real scenario of assessment. They also get fair and neutral feedback on their assessment process and overall systems, where they need to improve themselves, how to improve etc.

I recently did field audit of student assessments in Jharkhand and Himachal. Intervention organization master trainers were trained by EI and a standard guideline was shared with them for standardized and cheating free assessment of student achievement. In my audit, I found huge gaps in the assessment process and quality of evaluators. Detailed feedback on several aspects was shared with the organization who found it very helpful to improve their assessment process, training workshops, planning and execution for future projects.



By Kashi Nath Jha – Educational Specialist


Kashi Nath Jha

Kashi Nath Jha

"Kashi works as an associate manager in the Large Scale Education Programmes (LSEP) division at EI. As a passionate development professional, he has been associated with the organization for more than seven years now. During his tenure, he has been a part of and led various key projects of student assessment, research, and implementation of Mindspark (EdTech) in various states. The clients include state governments, SCERT, DIETs, government schools, GIF, J-PAL, P&G, HZL, NSEF, KPMG, World Bank, UNICEF, MSDF, et al. Given his hands-on grass-root experience, his expertise lies in managing large-scale projects including planning, budgeting, stakeholder management, implementation, and government liaison. Apart from work, Kashi enjoys traveling, exploring geographies, and playing chess and badminton".
Kashi Nath Jha