Most of the text books introduce Shapes and understanding of space in Grade 3 with content as shown below:-


In an attempt to connect the students to real life we planned the introduction session in the following steps:-
1. The teacher drew this(below) on the board without giving the images any name and took them for a walk in the school compound. Once they returned they were asked to name the places/things where they saw both the shapes. A long list came up.


2. This lesson was planned with the Arts department and following the class discussion the students went to the Art Room and drew a ”World with ONLY CURVED LINES”.
This led to very interesting creations and realisations. The students came up with ideas to make rounded tables, chairs, houses and realised the importance of CURVED LINES & STRAIGHT LINES. I do not have any specimen of the work done by the students but they drew something close to this –


3. The teacher shared with them the example of the famous ArchitectAntonio Gaudi who was quite fascinated by curved lines and shapes to be used in architecture.
”His buildings and architecture resemble bones, corals, seeds, fruits and the insides of seashells. They are made up of curves derived from straight lines. ‘The straight line is the expression of the infinite,’ he said.”




The outcome of this lesson was that the students were totally engaged in learning, could connect to the concept of lines and their need. There was a lot of enthusiasm to learn further in this topic.



By Ranjani Mitra – Educational Specialist

Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra

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Ranjani Mitra