India has been world-wide known for its innumerable art and craft communities. Many of them create excellent products which are in high demand among city people both within India and abroad.

One such community is Chanderi weavers. Chanderi is a small heritage town located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. The town has a rich history and full of monuments. However most of us associate Chanderi with its weaving craft. There are thousands of looms all over the town and a large number of people work in these looms. The final products they make are stunning and in high demand worldwide. But unfortunately due to poor education, most of Chanderi’s weavers are not in good financial status. They are exploited badly by middle men.


In my recent visit to Chanderi I interacted closely with a weaver and realized how lack of education has been a major cause of his misery. The video highlights this aspect.

To sum up it is a welcome step that the weaver has realized the importance of education and is not doing the mistake for his children what his parents did.



By Jitu Mishra – Educational Specialist

Jitu Mishra

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