Ever came across this on internet ” Dear Math, solve your own problems, I am not your therapist”

Funny isn’t it? Well recently, a state board declared 67.5% pass result of class 10 – while a good 31.74% students failed at Math. 

Mathphobia is quite popular in today’s time.  With the paradigm shift in teaching-learning method, its become quite a challenge to engage students within four walls of the classroom for a good 30 mins. Especially when they have a varied choice of content available on a fingertip.

In our recent survey, we asked teachers how are they dealing with this situations? What techniques are they using to make sure students understand while learning and the results were surprising, Over 51% of teachers use activity-based learning over tech and tools to impart a better understanding of a subject and engage them better.

Researchers and Educators have over the period emphasized on implementing game learning for class learning!

One such activity that seems to be schools favourite is game-a-thon!! It’s quite popular among students and teachers. I can vouch, as we just concluded game-a-thon in DPS Faridabad and Oh My God, what an event it was! 

Well, just a heads up, Game-A-Thon is a game based event, where top Sparkie scores from grade 3,4 and 5 are shortlisted for participation in the event. During Game-A-Thon students play individually and as a team to qualify different rounds of Game-A-Thon.
After the shortlisting, a balanced team is created having one student from grade 3,4 and 5 each. Towards the end of Game-A-Thon two teams are declared as winners and trophies are given to each member of the winning teams.


Narrating how it was setup, Sanjay Prajapati says” Being an ed-tech company we thought of creating some online gaming rounds using our existing Mindspark games and Mindspark Questions. After multiple rounds of discussions and brainstorming, we came up with the existing version of Game-A-Thon which has worked well in all 6 Game-A-Thon events so far”

Adding further, he explains that the end goal of this game-a-thon is to send across a message that learning math through games could actually be a lot of fun :-). It can add value to existing learning levels and encourage the students to participate and shove their fears in the corner. It really brings out the best in students, in the most unexpected way. 

 Now, it’s undeniable that each school and class has a different need compared to the rest. So while one has taken upon this concept of integrating games in classrooms, some might just be getting started. In either way, a Game-a-thon serves as an icebreaker. So, tons of congratulations to the team that puts up such a great event in schools. It’s amazing to see what game-a-thon can bring out of a student. 

To know more about Game-a-Thon and how students made most of it, here’s what you should look at


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