With the beginning of each school year, teachers get a new opportunity to orchestrate their classrooms for another gathering of students. Each decision you make makes an impression on your students, their folks, and any individual who visits your classroom. Through furniture, books, learning stations, and even work area position, you impart the qualities and needs of your class. Pursue these means to augment the association and effectiveness of your classroom.

  • Replace Benches with Chairs:

I recently visited a school and was amazed to see absolutely no benches. It was a bright room, with tons of creative projects made by students displayed on huge glass windows, and walls.There was just one stage created in the classroom and students sat together on a mat. This is a beautiful ice-breaker activity for students for their first day of school

  • Strategically Place Your Desk

Consider sitting among your students. It helps you connect with your students faster and it aids in breaking the communication barrier. Today teacher is no longer the sole carrier of knowledge so the bond between a teacher and student.

  • Display the work projects  up Front

It’s important to reassure students of their creativity and the efforts they put in projects, Dispalying their in front,  where they can see as soon as they enter makes them more confident and motivates them to work more

  • Organize Your Class LibraryClass library is an integral part of classroom teaching. It is advisable to bifercate your books on: Authour, learning level, series, and generes. It saves a lot of time for teacher and student in picking the right book. 


  • Define the role of Technology in classroom

Technology can play varied role in a classroom. Its upto teacher to decide how to use it. It can be either used as online resource to share and collabrate with other teachers or also teach students in class. Technology has the power to  enhance education to a great extent and it has now become a need for revolutionizing education for the better. 

Devarshi Pandya

Devarshi Pandya

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