Teaching fractions? Try these fun and learn activities in your class and let me know how it goes! I promise these activities will want you to teach fractions more!

Tangrams are trending 

Tangrams offer an understanding that pattern blocks do.  You can use both manipulatives to further emphasise the idea of a “flexible whole.” Much like pattern blocks, you can present a situation like: “If a small triangle is equal to 1/8, then make a trapezoid that is equal to 1 1/2.”

A little dancing never hurts!

Hand each student one piece of newspaper. Ask them to place the piece of paper out as a ‘whole piece’. It’s time for some music! The students have to dance until the music is playing

Once the music is stopped, the student needs to fold the paper in half. 

This continues!  Every time the music stops they wrap the piece of paper so that they are dancing on only one quarter. Finally, they fold the newspaper so that they are just dancing on one-eighth of the paper.

An excellent discussion can take place after this game about the different fractions they created during this activity.


Fraction Flowers

This one from Teach Beside Me is so fun!

You will need plates and papers for this one!

Use Fraction wheels to stick on paper plates to create each of the flowers. You can print the fraction wheels two to a page and the size that’s perfect for the paper plates. Mix all the fractions up and have students put the fraction flowers back together.

Legos are always in trend

Well, there’s never too much of lego! You can easily collect these for no money or even ask students to donate some for the activity.

Bring Pictionary in Picture

This is my personal fav from Oregon Department Of Education!

Divide students into teams. A child from one group would come and draw a picture that includes a fraction on the board. The teammates try to guess, and if they do correctly, they score a point.

Tip: The student who is drawing can divide single objects to represent fractions (shown above), or they can draw multiple objects. For example for 2/5 cats, a student could draw two cats and three dogs.

Do you have  Fractions, Decimals and Percentages?

A whole-class game to consolidate students’ understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence.

Use this interactive game when teaching your students about the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. 


That’s a wrap from my side! If you have exciting activities/games, do share with us in the comment section! 


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