The much-awaited ASSET Summer round 2019 Toppers list is out.

Congratulations to the 176 students for making it to the Toppers’ List. Around two lakh students took the test, and it’s important to acknowledge those who outsmarted their peers.

It’s not a piece of cake to outshine in ASSET. It’s a test of conceptual and skill-based understanding. Not a single question has been repeated in the ASSET test since the last 19 years, and that makes the test tougher to crack.

A Principal shares her feedback on how the ASSET Test has been a valuable resource for her students as well as teachers.

“ASSET is a valuable addition to students’ skills acquisition and validates the quality of the curriculum. Its data and student performance analysis help identify students’ misconceptions” – Ms Nargish Khambhatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai.

So, pat your back, toppers!

The Shelly’s and Keat’s in the house –  English Toppers

Our Math Genius. Look out for Gauss and Ada Lovelace

Our Science Topper’s- Sheldon Cooper’s

The Social Studies Experts

The Hindi Nerds

Congratulations to parents too! It’s time to celebrate. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do after ASSET. Check out ASSET Talent Search.

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